Moth & Star was founded in 2011 by a designer wearied by the impersonal trappings of behemoth agencies. I wished a different vibe, where friends worked together on projects that became as emotionally personal to them as to the client, where kindness and listening was emphasized, where the client wasn't just a paycheck but a face with a story waiting to be told.

Joe Frederick

My design career began in print as lead of a 300,000-subscriber New York newspaper. Expanding into digital and Web, I've since acted as production artist for marketing giant Ogilvy & Mather and led design teams for a succesful startup tech company in London and digital app companies based in India and the United States. Contractural roles include content editing and design consulting for Spirituality & Health magazine and private clients.

With a copy-editing/writing background and an understanding of developmental languages across multiple platforms, my approach to design considers every aspect of the project, encouraging a more cohesive working partnership with digital developers and content providers. My qualifications include content, code and client management.

Having recently returned from a year living in India, I'm currently traveling North America in a refashioned 1986 Toyota RV, working online from the road, expanding my creativity through self-reflection, meditative practice and those experiences that come unexpectedly when one's not looking. My career's best reward has been the relationships built with clients and employers, sharing creative spirit and making a few people smile along the way.

When necessary on larger projects I employ and seek consultation from a few trusted sources. Rob is my marketing wiz. Joaquín is my tech and systems guru. And Reticent Media's team of extremely reliable and talented developers are deployed when complex code is required. All your bases are covered. You're in good hands.

Rob Sandall


A long-time London resident, Rob's work in marketing, editing and journalism has seen him provide PR for commerce pioneers, hone SEO for international retailers, bring multi-channel magnificence to the luxury goods market and write across anything from live events through to woodworking and the "alternative lifestyle" industry. He is currently consulting for multiple tech startups and recording and co-writing an album with a few platinum, award-winning musicians.

Joaquín GT


Joaquín is an innovator and highly-experienced, strategic-minded technical leader in a vast variety of digital platforms, including web and mobile apps. He has owned processes on projects worth over $2.5 million, coached highly valued corporations on agile methodology, and led development teams in South America and Europe. When not spending time with his young family, he's thinking up big ideas. Being a native Argentinian, Joaquín is closely related to Che Guevara.

Reticent Media


Reticent, founded in 2005, is a talented team of experienced developers in the United States (nothing is outsourced overseas). They craft web applications and services using PHP, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, Parse, and other platforms. Using a streamlined Agile development process, projects are completed with efficiency and quick adaptability. Reticent's portfolio includes six-figure accounts with clients across the globe.