Getting your project finished should be simple, whether it be a hulking e-commerce platform, a single-page website or a stack of shiny new business cards. Reaching your goals shouldn't cause headaches or empty your wallet. My goal is to get you excited, inspired about what comes next.


You won't be forgotten here. I work intimately with my clients and build lasting relationships based in trust earned by transparency, clarity and cooperation. This project is your baby and it deserves full attention.


You hire Moth & Star because you want more than the kid down the street. My skills and those whom I trust have been tested in demanding professional situations with multi-million dollar accounts at stake.


I don't believe in superfluous design. Clean, clear, functional, impactful. Every decision made, with your input, is questioned to find the most effective solution to reach your goals. Every line matters.

“My dear, let me tell you I am touched and moved by your fairness and generosity. You removed so much stress and made it easy for me. I am not coming by people like you these days.”
Alice Von Baum, Alice Interiors (Goa, India)